Druker Law Firm is a trusted adviser to many entrepreneurs and businesses.  Our clients are made up of start-ups and established businesses. Druker Law Firm’s experience with civil litigation makes us especially well-versed in helping our clients avoid litigation and manage risk in their business dealings.  It is our experience that many new businesses, especially those started with limited funds, tend to bypass obtaining legal counsel in order to save money on legal fees.  The irony is that those businesses tend to spend thousands more on restructuring a weak foundation, or even worse, in litigation over matters that could have been identified and resolved early on before festering into litigation.  Let us get involved with your business early on so that we can help you minimize the risk of costly business disputes and other scenarios that damage the health and success of your business. We want to become your Trusted Adviser and grow with you!

  • Business Start-Up Adviser
  • Buying/Selling a Business
  • Entity Formation
  • Entity Compliance/Maintenance
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Negotiating
  • General Counsel


 Starting a business:

Druker Law firm can help you with the preliminary considerations in connection with almost every contemplated business project that should be explored at the earliest moment. We can help you identify and consider the regulations that could potentially affect the business or the circumstances that may arise due to the client’s personal background or experience.  We will also explain to you the relative advantages and disadvantages of the various business forms and assist you in establishing the business form that best suits the contemplated business venture. We can also help you identify and ensure compliance with the legal requirements imposed on a business by various governmental agencies. This includes properly establishing the legal form of business entity chosen and ensuring that the client meets applicable legal requirements for name registration, taxation, licensing and employment regulations if the business will become an employer.

Buying/Selling a Business:

The sale of a business can be extremely complex depending on the legal status of the business, the seller, and the purchaser, as well as how the sale is structured. There are many considerations involved including, but not limited to tax considerations, licensing and permit requirements, and sales contract provisions with respect to warranties, covenants, and indemnification. We can assist and advise you through the due diligence process

Contract Formation/Review:

While it is impossible to prevent someone form violating an agreement, having a well-written enforceable contract that clearly defines the parties’ rights and obligations minimizes the risk of costly disputes or long-drawn-out litigation.

If you have been presented with a written contract, we can help ensure that you have a clear understanding of the contract, identify contract terms that should/should not be included to protect your interests and negotiate the contract on your behalf.

If you routinely enter into agreements with third parties and do not use a written contract or use a generic contract that is not tailored to your needs, we can help you identify vital contract provisions and draft customized written contracts tailored to your particular needs.