Simply put, when a party to an agreement fails to honor the terms of the agreement without a legal excuse, we can help. We have experience both pursuing and defending claims for breach of contract. There are many issues to consider when evaluating the value of litigating breach of contract claims. We will help you fully understand those issues and to make an informed decision on how to best proceed. Many times litigation is necessary to redress the harms that result from a breach of the agreement. If litigation is necessary, we set viable goals, create a realistic budget to obtain those goals and always litigate breach of contract cases with an eye towards expedient resolution.

Breach of Contract claims commonly arise in the context of a:

  • Default on a Promissory Note
  • Default on a Security Agreement
  • Landlord/Tenant Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Service Agreement Disputes
  • Employment Agreement Disputes
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Real Estate Agreement Disputes
  • Insurance Disputes


Going into business with someone is much like a marriage. Many legal obligations are created when you enter a business relationship with another. Disputes can often arise between owners of a business. Those disputes often arise over denial of access to company books or records, withholding or refusing to declare a dividend, termination of an owner’s employment with the company, misapplication of company funds, diversion of company opportunities, manipulation of stock values, amongst many other reasons.

Whether we are helping our client negotiate a “business divorce” or sue for damages caused by the wrongful conduct of another our philosophy towards business disputes remains the same; seek an expedient resolution and minimize the damage to the value of the business. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of by those in control of your business or conversely, if you manage a business and are being accused of wrongful activity, we can help.


Druker Law is a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs and businesses. Our clients consist of start-ups and established businesses. Druker Law experience with civil litigation makes us especially well-versed in helping our clients avoid litigation and manage risk in their business dealings. It is our experience that many new businesses, especially those started with limited funds, tend to bypass obtaining legal counsel in order to save money on legal fees. The irony is that those businesses tend to spend thousands more on restructuring a weak foundation, or even worse, in litigation over matters that could have been identified and resolved early on before festering into litigation. Let us get involved with your business early on so that we can help you minimize the risk of costly business disputes and other scenarios that damage the health and success of your business. We want to become your Trusted Advisor and grow with you!


While it is impossible to prevent someone from violating an agreement, having a well-written enforceable contract that clearly defines the parties’ rights and obligations minimizes the risk of costly disputes or long-drawn-out litigation.

If you have been presented with a written contract, we can help ensure that you have a clear understanding of the contract, identify contract terms that should/should not be included to protect your interests and negotiate the contract on your behalf.

If you routinely enter into agreements with third parties and do not use a written contract or use a generic contract that is not tailored to your needs, we can help you identify vital contract provisions and draft customized written contracts tailored to your particular needs.