We are certified mediators and skilled in the art of making a deal. Use our wealth of litigation experience to your advantage. That experience gives us a deep understanding of all the issues associated with litigation, such as evaluating the strength and weaknesses of causes of action, affirmative defenses, damages and risk. We also know how to effectively communicate those issues and help the parties take the emotion out of the equation to come together in negotiating a fair settlement.

As mediators, we don’t just carry offers back and forth. We like to “get our hands dirty” by becoming familiar with the legal issues and facts of the cases we are helping to resolve. We can help lawyers with a stubborn client by offering an objective perspective on the case. Likewise, we can help lawyers find a middle ground in contentious matters by objectively assessing each side’s risk and working with the parties to find common ground.

We also offer complimentary refreshments, wifi, video conferencing for out-of-town participants and a comfortable environment to collaborate on a resolution.

Give us a chance to help you resolve your dispute!